Timed Out By Sergio Porras


A5, first run of 50 copies.


Timed Out is a collection of 20 photographs that I made at an abandoned water slide park in Tulare, CA towards the end of 2021- early 2022. Abandoned after a fire and never reopened, Time Out Pizza and Fun Center was one of those places that many of us grew up spending our summer in, especially if you lived in the Central Valley of CA where the summer heat can reach 110 degrees on any given day.

While making this small body of work I was able to connect with people who had seen the photos and shared their memories of growing up spending countless hours in the park. I listened to people tell me stories about days they spent their with friends and family, working up the confidence to go down slide 3 (the supposed ‘fastest’ slide in the park), countless birthday parties, and even a few people who experienced their first kiss there.

This collection of photographs was just that, a collection of photographs, until I was encouraged by those people who shared their stories with me to put the photos out in the world and not let them live and die on social media.


All photographs 2022 Sergio Porras

Timed Out By Sergio Porras