Snowbird by Kyle McDougall -


"In 2018, while on the tail end of a ten month road trip across North America, I spent three months exploring the states of Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina. Up until that point, I had been working on creating images for my portfolio documenting the American Southwest. 


The southern states had a different feel though, both visually and culturally. Living out of a trailer, I quickly became immersed in the surrounding culture of seasonal travellers who had migrated south in search of warmer temperatures. The environments that I was exposed to that winter constantly evoked thoughts about lifestyles, interests, and routines and how they shape local landscapes. Out of that, the idea for this side project was born. 


To keep things spontaneous, and also to pay homage to the tourists who shaped these environments over the years, I decided to shoot all of the images for this project using an old point and shoot camera that I found at a local thrift store (still on it’s original batteries), with 35mm consumer film stocks (Kodak Gold 200 being used the most)."


First press of 100 copies printed on 200gsm and 300gsm silk paper, size A5.



Snowbird by Kyle McDougall