Searching for Stillness Vol II by Michael Behlen out now. (BOX SET SOLD OUT)


56 Pages printed heavy on silk paper and perfect bound, size A6. Limited to 100 copies with 25 of those as limited edition boxsets. Boxsets will include limited edition postcard set which will be in a black box with silver foil print edition of 25.


Searching for Stillness Vol II is an examination of the experiences that make us feel alive. It is the symbolic journey of the mental transformation we undergo as we travel the pathway of human life. As we navigate through life's highs and lows searching for the moments that make us feel, we find that it’s not the destination, but the culmination of our travels that leads us towards the calm exhilaration of uncompromising mental clarity.


It is important to note that though this realization can feel permanent at the moment, it is a continuously fleeting epiphany. It can only be made permanent by our perpetual perseverance through life’s challenging peaks and deep emotional valleys. It can not be bought, cheated, or won with ease.


We must commit to reaching the sea beyond the mountains without knowing we will ever reach it. We must trust that the journey across the raging rivers of reality will eventually result in our ascension into emotional and mental enlightenment.


Ultimately, all of our journeys are vastly different but all remain archetypically similar. With this body of work, I hope to show you that beyond the trials and tribulations of this life’s journey there is a calm meditative stillness waiting for us all.


-Michael Behlen

Fresno, California - April 19th, 2019

Searching for Stillness Vol II