A Ukrainian Journal by Roberto Vitali (2nd edition)


When I travel eastwards, I always get inspired and euphoric about the things that could happen, the people that I could meet on my way and the stories that I could tell once I come back home. In August 2019 I travelled from Budapest to Kyiv, passing through Lviv. Before the journey started, I had just finish to read “A Russian Journal” by John Steinbeck, this book had a big influence on my work and on my approach to my upcoming travel. I wanted to capture the way of living of the ordinary people in Ukraine, I wanted to freeze a frame of their everyday lives. “A Ukrainian Journal” is photographic series of portraits and street scenes that resemble what I came across during my travel in Ukraine.

The future is in the East.


Excited to kickstart the new year with this release as he work is incredible with a great mix of portraits and limited to 200 copies and comes with some S/A goodies as well. A huge thank you to anyone who has supported S/A past and present on getting these works out.


More details to follow...

A Ukrainian Journal by Roberto Vitali