• Pete Falkous

Well that's 2019 done...

With 2019 all done here is the obligatory why thank you post but in all seriousness it has been a very strange year personally and professionally and Static Age seems to be keeping my busy enough and it wouldn't have been possible without the amazing photographers who have taken the time and gamble by being part of the team and letting S/A release their work.

2020 is so far really stacked for releases and I am pretty excited as I think some of the work that is coming out is just getting better and better all the time and it looks to be around eight releases in the pipeline. I started this with the simple vision of just releasing my own work but has now transformed into a platform for others to share what they are doing and I am honoured those people are willing to work with me.

If you haven't for some strange reason drop by Analog Forever Magazine as I did an interview for them a few weeks back and it's so exciting you might just want to read it twice and share with all your friends and family.

First post of the year so thought I would make it more personal so thanks for reading and for the support in 2019. Have a great 2020 and buy some zines/books so Static Age can release more.