• Pete Falkous

Shipping updates

OK so this is something which is only starting to come up with this crazy virus and the cost of postage going up as well as adding a few additional options and all will be at cost price no mark ups.

I know living in a different country means a huge postage charge which is sometimes equal or more than what you're buying but as we all know thats the way the world works. I will however try my best to keep everything to the bare minimum and I am also happy to answer any questions anyone has as well.

There will be a standard postage which will be sent economy and can take 11 to 80 days to ship internationally which there will be a £5 charge for but if you decide to take this option then there is no tracking and I cannot except responsibility for anything which does not show up and if after 80 days from posting let me know but if anything is resent postage will have to be paid again.

The second option is tracked postage and I am working out the cheapest way to get this done but will be around £10 per order maybe more or maybe slightly less but as soon as I have the info back then I will be updating the site.

As for UK well its free if again you except that things might take a while and I can't send out another (and yes the few people who have done this and I have sent a replacement might not want to show they got both on social media as your now in the shit list as we should all be honest, don't say you don't have it when you're social media says otherwise.

There will be. UK signed for option added as well and like all the others the new payments will be updated by the end of the month.

As for Covid 19... well even signed for postage is taking longer so please be patient and you have not been missed it might just take ages to get anything.

Thanks for reading... and any questions please just fire over an email or message through the site.


Pete S/A