• Pete Falkous

September Updates

Hi and well been a while but thats life so don't be upset I am sure there are way more important things happening right now for us all to worry about.

First off the Jason Connelly boxsets will start shipping next week, sorry for the delay on these but recently moved house (2 weeks ago) and well as you can imagine things are not really in place yet but will get them out as soon as possible.

Brandon Lasko's arrives here Tuesday and will be up for sale in a few weeks once Brandon is happy with how it turns out which of course he will be or I might just ignore his emails.

David Colliers book only has a few copies left so grab it before they go and yes we are looking at a hardback edition hopefully in time for Christmas.

Jason Hunters and Nils Karlson's zine are both out and doing really good so thank you so much for the support on those as well.

I will be updating more in the next week or so as I have a full breakdown of whats coming out next and some sort of schedule as this update was meant to be quick and to let you know we are alive and well...


Pete S/A