• Pete Falkous

Ruby Berry

Another exciting release by Ruby Berry is in the works with the working title 'Ourania' which should be out in the next few months.

Ruby Berry of Lost Art Photography is a self-taught film photographer based in the US. Her work in film photography began seven years ago when she tried (unsuccessfully) to load film into a Pentax K1000 she found in the attic. A year and countless internet searches later, she built her own home darkroom. While she is primarily a medium and large format portrait photographer, Ruby has also been working in alternative process and emulsion manipulation for the last several years.

In addition to shooting film, she also works to promote film photography as an Executive Editor and Curator for the Film Shooters Collective and as an editor and contributor to She Shoots Film, a group dedicated to promoting the film photography of women. She currently lives in the mountains of Appalachia with her three fierce children and Taco Bananas the Dog.

You can see more of her work at:


Instagram: @rubyfalls