• Pete Falkous

REPRINT: Snowbird by Kyle McDougall

So it looks like there where some copies of which where not up to standard so we are going to do a reprint of the zine so anyone who ordered will receive a new copy of the zine.

This will not cost you anything S/A will swallow the cost of the reprint and postage but in order for this to happen we are looking at a print run to be done in around 6-8 weeks then once we are happy with the reprint we will start to ship out in batches and these will be send economy mail so they can take anything from 11 to 60 days. If you want it faster than all we can ask is you help contribute to the postage and send us £3 which will mean we can upgrade the postage so it should take 20 days max.

Not what we wanted to do and also the first time this has happened however things have to be right for Kyle and for S/A.

Any questions please fire them over and you will all be updated as we go. More info via Facebook and also Instagram stories to make life easier.

Thanks for the support and although this might mean a slight dleay in a few titles coming out we hope you will be happy with the final printed copy of the zine

Thanks and take care

Pete S/A