• Pete Falkous

November Updates...

OK I know too many updates (thats sarcasm) well here is another...

Well the intention to post more regular updates is but that will happen as 2020 is shaping up pretty well and it would be a shame to spoil the surprises so you will have to stay tuned.

Bob Price has been busy again and he just posted a load of new photos taken on a trip to St Louis so I would expect some of these will find their way into his zine which will probably be the first of the new year.

Francesca DeLuca's work is in the final checks for proofing and we are hoping to get this off to print in the next week just in time for Christmas and it's looking so good really can't wait to get this one out and an amazing way to wrap up 2019 for us.

Of course there are loads in the pipeline but more on that next month so keep an eye open for a update as looking at a rough schedule 2020 will have at least 6 new releases as well as new merch and a few other surprises.

Thanks as ever for the support