• Pete Falkous

New releases and updates...

Well it has been a few months since the last post but let's be honest we all have better things to do than read some gibberish from someone trying to juggle a million things at once.

So first things first the two pre-orders are still up and will be until sold out but will hopefully be going to print end of the week as well as a new title by Sergio Porras called 'Timed out' which is amazing so excited that there will be some new releases out in the next few weeks.

I am working on a few other releases for the year but trying to slow things down a little as like I said in the first part of this post it isn't easy to keep the momentum and a slower pace is what is needed right now. Saying that I will be doing some posts about the help I am doing for the Women in Film zine which is coming together nicely but a separate post on that will explain and give more details at a later date.

Looking at the next 6 months after I would say a max of two more titles will be added maybe one who knows and the aim for 2023 is to have a max of 6 but who really knows might be more might be less.

Thanks for the support as always and although this isn't updated often I am always here to answer any questions you have and yes your order will be shipped once its been printed. Delays always happen now and again so don't worry just have fun and take some pics.