• Pete Falkous

Kosmo Foto in the house

In order to support smaller and awesome companies and people promoting film photograhy we are pleased to add Kosmo Foto's Mono 100/36 35mm film to the store, so pick up a few rolls when you are zine shopping. The 120 version will be added at some point but at the minute just the 35mm version is avalible. 

  Selling as a pack of 2 just to help with postage costs and you will love it and if you only bought one you would want another anyway.   Kosmo Foto Mono is a 100-ISO panchromatic black-and-white film, perfect for all 35mm cameras and can be pull-processed to ISO 50 or push-processed to ISO 400 with corresponding changes in development time.   S/A will not become a store for buying film as there are plenty places you can do that but we will offer film now and again.