• Pete Falkous

Kick off August with Jonathan Paragas

2021 is shaping up nicely and with the talented Jonathan Paragas joining the fold it is pretty much done for the years schedule. Not that ever seems to stop the odd one getting done in the mix but all this would not be possible without all the support from everyone who has bought and even shared anything related to S/A so thank you so much. You might also know Jonathan Paragas as KingJvpes over on YouTube so go check out his channel as he is a genuine and dare I say normal person with no hidden agendas.

In other news print runs are going up due basically to demand so it might take some titles to sell out a little longer but the way things have been going then sometimes 200 sells just on re-order alone.

Some more titles are due this year... 3 maybe 4 and a few other other bits of new merch as well including t-shirts.