• Pete Falkous

It's Been Awhile

...well it really has and loads has happened but mainly personal this side of things so without boring you or myself things S/A have been very busy for the most part. First off sorry for anyone who wrote and took me what seemed like an age to get back but nothing I can say but sorry and also not sorry as things can't be helped. Orders are slowly going out as with the mighty mess of Brexit things are just harder to do than before that I am sorry for bot don't blame me I didn't want to leave.

So 2021... well it has been a very testing year and not going to lie but had on occasion thought why do I bother with whole thing but luckily that thought lasts about as long as it takes me to eat a mince pie. S/A has released around 10 titles this year which honestly I had no idea and thought things had been pretty slack but thats good going really and it is mainly my online presence which has suffered although the break is kind of nice.

Some amazing releases and 2022 has some stuff coming out which I am very proud of and can't wait to share with you all whats going on but in true S/A you ain't going to hear shit until its time.

Thanks to everyone who has ordered, sent an email or just supported S/A in anyway and here is a less shit 2022.