• Pete Falkous

In the works...

Updated: May 27, 2019

After all these years I have never shot with any kind of Portra and over the last few

months have shot 35 and 120mm versions of the film and honestly wish I had used it a long time ago. It might not be cheap but the colours you get from it as just incredible so now I have a new favourite film to ware my money on. That and finally getting a Leica M6 I am now officially skint however the rest of my hard earned money will be going on the next batch of releases.

It has been amazing the response so far in 2019 and there will be at least another 5 before the end of the year maybe more but no point rushing things. There will also be a free 16 page zine happening next month which everyone will be getting in their orders and once or twice a year there will be a new one by different artists and like always there will be new postcards as well.

New t-shirts with the S/A logo will be done for Autumn as the hand shirt will not be re-printed so pick one up as not a huge amount are left.

Keep shooting and have fun.