• Pete Falkous


Updated: Mar 8, 2019

It took a little longer than planned but welcome to the new home for Static Age. I am sure over the coming months things will change up but it's a good start to grow off.

The idea is to be posting as and when something is going on related to S/A and artists and events that we find interesting but who knows as long as it's done regularly and doesn't go off on a huge tangent. 2019 has started off with two solid releases so far and by June there should have been another 3 released with more in the pipeline for the rest of the year but trying to balance S/A with real life including family, work and a million other things going on the aim is to release a total of 8 to 9 zines this year but who can tell what might happen as some projects in the making could take weeks to sort and some could take years but it is best to not rush things and make sure ever release is as best as it can be.

On a side note I am terrible with grammar and punctuation so don't be on my back for it as I try but it might take me a few revisions on a post to really see where the mistakes are hiding.

Thanks for reading and more updates soon...