• Pete Falkous

2nd Edition of All in a day’s work By David Collyer

Was meant to post this yesterday but life, work and loads of orders to sort out only getting round to doing this. The first edition of All in a day’s work By David Collyer has SOLD OUT so thank you so much for all the amazing support. It took around 12 hours to sell out and we have planned to do a second edition so decided to get it up straight away.

Less than 30 copies left by the time I put this post up as well so grab one if you can as not sure if we will do a 3rd but you never know.

Other S/A news... repress of Snowbird should be posted within the next 6 weeks and thanks to everyone who has responded and Bob Price's zine will be here as well in the next few days so if Bobs happy for them to go then these will hopefully be released in the next 4 weeks.

A load of other releases coming in the coming months with some incredible work so keep checking for updates.

Stay Safe

Pete S/A